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Energy Efficiency Calculator

Current Fixture Number of Fixtures Hours Per Day Days Per Week KwH Cost

Current Annual Energy Cost
Recommended Replacement Number of Fixtures Hours Per Day Days Per Week KwH Cost
$ Proposed Annual Energy Cost

Disclaimer - The numbers used to create this caclulator were inferred from commonly used specification sheets.  In some cases, the actual input wattage of a fixture differs from the listed wattage due to the ballast or driver.  This calculator takes into account those differences and uses a corrected wattage.  Due to the varying nature of projects, this caclulator can be used for estimation purposes only and holds no legal weight.  A electrical engineer should be consulted if certified data is needed.  The reccomended replacements are recommendations only.  Every fixture should be evaluated by a professional to determine the suitable replacement.  Loyd's Electric Supply assumes no responsibility and can not be held accountable for any property damage, financial loss, injury, or death resulting from the use or misuse of this calulator.